New Beginnings

I’ve been blogging for awhile now. I started this process years ago as a way to be accountable with my journaling. But somewhere along the line, it became more of a chronicle of my family, and a monthly photo dump. I found myself thinking of topics that touched me deeply each month, and almost every time, went with benign photos of my life instead. It was hard to open myself up and expose opinions I hold dear, or wrestle with issues that might hurt someone else.

I’ve been on my faith journey for over thirty years, and I have so far to go to become who God intends me to be. But more and more, I wrestle with long-held beliefs that come from my Christian tradition, rather than from God Himself. I’m seeing more and more idolatry in my Christian culture over those things I once held dear.

So I am starting a new blog….one where I can write and wrestle. With this platform, I can control which entries are public, and which ones are just between me and God. Because the things He is using to convict me aren’t the same things He may be using in your life.

And so I close this first entry with my motto for 2018: Give me Jesus.


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